The Cenia Convi Jean: An ingenious solution to a common curvy girl problem

As someone with a pear body type, meaning I am a lot larger at my hips and bottom than from my waist up, it has always been a battle finding jeans with the right fit and that don't gap at my back waist or need to be consistently pulled up because the back rise is too low. This is actually a problem that almost 30% of women with this body type face.

The Cenia Convi jean is cut to sit right under the belly button, with just enough room to cover the back area while remaining flat, covering those annoying side handles and tucking in the stomach. What I, and most women with these problems usually do is get darts sewn in the back of the jeans.

So, I developed a jean with zippered back waist darts, in order to stop those trips to the tailor! When zipped up, the jeans slim the waistline, but when zipped down, the jeans have a standard jean measurement (patent pending).

In addition, the Convi jean is stylish, trendy, and comfortable as it is made from a super-stretchy, flexible, soft denim. It's perfect for traveling too! My goal is to bring solutions to an often neglected demographic because I am my customer and understand what our needs are.

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